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Stationary Truck Billboard Cape Town

Western Cape Billboard - Advertise on Cape Town Billboards

Advertise with Visible Advertising. Advertise on the 2m x 4m billboard situated on Llandudno Craft Lay-by Site - sea route between Hout Bay and Camps Bay.

Situated 365 days a year at the craft vending site near Llandudno visable from 7am to 7pm daily.
This route is often used by Cape Town and national (and foreign) tourists on their scenic drives. This is the only addvertising opportunity between Camps Bay and Hout Bay (approx. 10km ocean route drive, there are no other advertising sites by any other company at all).  

During the evenings it is parked in a prominent site at the Hout Bay Police Station from 7pm to 7am in full view of traffic on the main route between Constantia and Hout Bay.  

This billboard cannot be missed and is a very recent opportunity.

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